26 Adorable Baby Photography

They make you laugh, they make you smile, they make you feel loved… yes you are right i’m talking about babies. The Love and affection which you can see in their eyes can not be seen anywhere else. Babies change your life.. babies add love to your life.Their touch, feel, smile, eyes can make your day. So here are 26 adorable baby Photos which will make you feel loved…

So this is the world

So this is the world? ( © Jan Vojtek)


Welcome ( © Schnette)

What a story

What a story ! ( © MG.Foto)


Aladdin ( © Abendstern)


ups ( © MG.Foto)

sweet baby

sweet baby ( © Anna Dobrova Анна Доброва)

A Bad Hair Day

A Bad Hair Day ( © Aaron Karnovski)


Twins ( © Evgeniya Semenova)

I set Alarm to wake on time

I set Alarm to wake on time ( © diluart)

OMG! 2 weeks till NewYear?!

OMG! 2 weeks till NewYear?! ( © Julia Mamrenko)

Meela luvs Music

Meela luvs Music ( © Wayne James)

Sleeping Newborn Boy

Sleeping Newborn Boy ( © jen priester)

Photographer in Training

Photographer in Training ( © Brad Telker)

What's your dream about

What’s your dream about? ( © Natalia Deksbakh)

No stress today

No stress today :) ( © Mike Kremer)

Sweet as sugar

Sweet as sugar ;) ( © Mike Kremer)

little angel

little angel ( © Mike Kremer)


Baby ( © Nataliya)


Brothers ( © John Dunnigan)

crazy day - crazy photo

crazy day – crazy photo ;) ( © Mike Kremer)

Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes! ( © Mike Kremer)

the king's new clouths

the king’s new clouths ( © Abendstern)


Baby ( © Yoann JEZEQUEL)

Baby portrait

Baby portrait ( © Yoann JEZEQUEL)


Baby ( © Yoann JEZEQUEL)

Baby, time to sleep

Baby, time to sleep – Portrait ( © Yoann JEZEQUEL)

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