30 Best Sky Photography Moments

One of most fascinating trick in photography is taking shots of sky, it can be easy at time but more tricky when you want to achieve a perfect timing.

Timing in all types of photography is essential, and in sky photo-shoots, it can be daunting to wait for the perfect reflection of lights and may be waiting to capture a wow moment like a shooting star.

With keeping all the essential ingredients of an ideal photo capturing moment, we collected this small but a great collection of sky pictures. We, hope you will like our selection. Please comment below on which photo did touch your heart.

1.Sunrise in Maine


2.Orions belt poking through the clouds


3.A Sun Pillar Over Sweden: When the air is cold and the Sun is rising or setting, falling ice crystals can reflect sunlight and create an unusual column of light.


4.Mist covers the hills in Harzvorland, Germany


5.Carlin Park, Jupiter, Florida


6.Sunrise at Kleifarvatn, Iceland


7.Thunderhead Sidney Nebraska


8.A serene picture from my Japanese friend on his way to Arizona.


9.The darkest day in Northern Norway


10.Sunset Clouds in Northwestern Ontario


11.Love the reflection on the hood of my car.


12.Hawaiian Sunset


13.Double rainbow above my street


14.Fiery Sunset Over Treetops (Cape Cod)


15.Orange morningclouds with rainbow, Bryce Canyon, Utah


16.A football pitch in South England flooded, giving a wonderful reflection.


17.Late Fall forest in Northeastern Ontario


18.Auckland Sunburst Sunrise


19.Sunset Lights Fire In The Sky


20.Sunrise at Lake Martin


21.Arizona’s Sonora Suset


22.Seine et Marne, France


23.Sunset in Western Scotland


24.We had quite a sunrise at the rifle range this week.


25.Broadcast Sunset


26.Sunny Disposition, Oxnard California


27.First New Zealand sunset..


28.Sunset over Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado


29.Sky over southern Alberta, Canada


30.Sky composite to reach the water

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