21 Amazing Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography is an art of taking pictures while under water, using special cameras. There are many ways of capturing underwater photos, one of the way is, lowering automated camera from the surface and taking the picture or diving, swimming with the camera. Underwater photography commonly includes animals and pictures of fellow beings. In todays Underwater Photography collection you’ll see some of these beautiful clicks… hope you’ll like…

set me free

set me free ( © Kurt Arrigo)

galapagos express

galapagos express ( © Alexander Safonov)

Tiger shark

Tiger shark ( © alex dawson)

sailfish zen

sailfish zen ( © Alexander Safonov)

Go diving

Go diving? ( © Andrey Narchuk)


Respect ( © Ellen Cuylaerts)

Green Light

Green Light ( © Thomas Conrad (T.C.))

Diving Baby

Diving Baby ( © Andreas Scholer)

Aspiration to light

Aspiration to light ( © Viktor Lyagushkin)


Underwater ( © Senthil Kumar Damodaran)


Hope ( © Thomas Conrad (T.C.))

Shadows on the Wall

Shadows on the Wall ( © Thomas Conrad (T.C.))

landslide hall

landslide hall ( © Viktor Lyagushkin)


Bend ( © Andrey Narchuk)

Get out of my territory

Get out of my territory!!! ( © LuckyGuy)


cry ( © Dmitry Laudin)

Underwater photographer and his model

Underwater photographer and his model ( © Nickolya Zavarika)


Ascension ( © Jacques de Vos)

My Office...

My Office… ( © Jacques de Vos)


Dude ( © Thomas Conrad (T.C.))

Five Hours On One Breath...

Five Hours On One Breath… ( © Jacques de Vos)

Featured image:- “I Am…” A Cameraman ( © Richard Pardon)

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